Forum Consulting Service, LLC, acts within a consulting network of anxious real estate Sellers seeking bona fide Buyers.

We have developed a tried and proven method of securing narratives of “off market” real estate properties that are for sale under attractive terms and conditions.

Our Protocol Submission letter is attached along with a clear check list of the necessary steps which must be followed in order to partake in our program.

Once that we are provided with some Buyer background of any interested Buyers we will forward an applicable NCND blank form for your review.

Once the NCND is reviewed, executed and returned the seller will counter sign and establish a LOG IN identification method in order for you to identify what specific properties you wish to receive the due diligence package(s) on.
These properties have become available to us under a number of different reasons. Each property has it’s own story as to why it is off market and what the underlying reasons are for its disposition.

Our referring sources represent a wide diverse members of the real estate financial world consisting of Banks, Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Developers, Investors, Hotel Hospitality firms, REIT’s, Equity Funds and the Investment Banking world.

We have made every attempt to ascertain if any of these properties have been listed for sale. We will not knowingly include any currently listed properties in our for sale portfolio.

Our list of available properties is updated at the end of every month.

We would welcome your questions and can assure you that after the initial paper work is completed you will experience the highest level of transparency. We can promise you of “NO SURPRISES” on our behalf from the very beginning to a very successful conclusion.

Forum Consulting Service, LLC, does not act in a Broker role. Thank you !